Vice CommodoreJames Turner
Race Secretary  Shane Lackey
Handicappers  Jack Andrew
   Greg Junk
   Sam Monkhouse
Starter & Judge  Lorraine York
Ass. Starter & Judge    John Hall
Finishers  Peter Edwards
   Stephen Gorman
Measurers    Sam Monkhouse
   Lachlan Steel
   John Andrew
Rescue Boat Operators  Bob Fleming
   Keith Fleming
   Glenn York
   Tony Doyle
 Darrell Schofield
   John Andrew
   Jack Andrew
Assoc. Delegates NSW Skiff Ass.Lachlan Steel
   Peter Mackie
16ft Skiff Rep  Sam Monkhouse
MG14 Rep  Greg Junk
Skate Rep  John Grant
Moth Rep  Keagan York
Sailboard Rep  Keith Single
Junior Rep  Ben Bradley
Boat Captain  John Andrew
Boatshed Captain  Greg Junk
Protest Committee  Jack Andrew
   Bryce Edwards
   Stuart Stafford
   Greg Dixon
  Race CommitteeGreg Junk
   Glenn York
   Geoff Davis
Publicity Officer  Jerome Watts
Results Coordinator  Stephen Gorman
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