These sailors have completed their registration and have complied with NSW Government requirements for the return to community sport.

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First Last Sailing Class Boat Name
Luka Damic Moth|60 Swift
Tim Bateman Sailboard|60 AUS057
Paul Hewett Sailboard|60 Starboard phantom
Nathan Bowness Sailboard|60  
Greg Dixon Skate|60 Any which way
Craig Jones MG14|60 Fly By
Sam Worrall 16ft Skiff|60 Jamesco
David Aylward MG14|60 Three Kings
David Aylward MG14|60 Three Kings
Ben Kirkby 16ft Skiff|60 ADCO Constructions
Greg Paterson Skate|60 What Now
Lee Knapton 16ft Skiff|60 Brydens Lawyer
Cam Creigh 16ft Skiff|60 Don't Rock The Boat
Kai Hastie MG14|60 Grunt
Luke Hastie MG14|60 Grunt
conor coleman Sailboard|60 Starboard Phantom
Ganell Williams MG14|60 Fly By
Neil Tasker MG14|60 Barra
Finn Rodowicz 16ft Skiff|60 Toogara
Alex Dawson 16ft Skiff|60 Don't Rock The Boat
Jerome Watts 16ft Skiff|60 ADCO Constructions
Chris Dixon Moth|60 Fire FLy
Lachlan Steel 16ft Skiff|60 ADCO Constructions
Josh Tasker 16ft Skiff|60 Toogara
Wayne Bowness Sailboard|60 Manta
Peter Howard Skate|60  
Jordan Roberts MG14|60 Ballistic
Emma Edwards Skate|60 Take it Easy
Karin GORMAN MG14|60 Blewtopia
Franco Fornasari 16ft Skiff|60 LSM
Stephen Gorman MG14|60 Blewtopia
Robert Blandford MG14|60 Atomic Blonde
Sam Monkhouse 16ft Skiff|60 Toogara
Lucas Hassett MG14|60 Blues Brothers
Shannon Hassett MG14|60 Blues Brothers
Chris Sinton Skate|60 Atomic Rat
Keith Sinton Skate|60 Atomic Rat
Ben Bradley 16ft Skiff|60 JAMESCO
Broughton Caley MG14|60 Venture
Bruce Cooper Moth|60 Freebird
Stuart Stafford MG14|60 Tempest
Jack Stafford MG14|60 Tempest
Claire Stafford MG14|60 Barra
Greg Kennedy Moth|60 Artemis
Ricky Bridge 16ft Skiff|60 Brydens
Matthew Mulholland 16ft Skiff|60 LSM
Shane Lackey 16ft Skiff|60 LSM
Peter Mackie 16ft Skiff|60 Brydens Lawyers
Mick Watkins Sailboard|60 690
Geoff Davis MG14|60 Ballistic
Keith Single Sailboard|60 AUS07
Jorn Krohnke Sailboard|60 Windsurfer One Design LT
Keagan York Moth|60 Nala
Ross Polhill MG14|60 Pegasus
Roderick Andrew MG14|60 ATOMIC BLONDE
Sean leonard Skate|60 Fish Lolly
Michael Winney Skate|60 Take It Easy
Geoff Hughes Skate|60 Fish Lolly
david luck Skate|60 any which way
Greg Halliday Skate|60 Burnt to the Bone
glenn crichton Skate|60 Never Give An Inch
John Grant Skate|60 Never Give 'N Inch
Gary Reeves MG14|60 PEGASUS
John Caley MG14|60 Venture
Phil Stevenson Moth|60 Shadow
Kurtis Warner MG14|60 Pink Gin
Ed Rigby 16ft Skiff|60 Don't Rock the Boat
Displaying 1 - 70 of 70
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